You can offer to give away items, or search for items others are offering.
You can create stipulations in the gift, for example you can say “I am offering my old TV, to anyone that starts a chain and reaches 50 members in that chain”. Someone that wants that item would have to contact you with his chain info, and you would subscribe to his chain to monitor when he reaches that goal. You can always negotiate other terms, or remove the stipulation if someone requests it. It is a fun place to get rid of old stuff. However it is important that whenever you give something away, always start or continue a chain, and ask the recipient to PAY IT FORWARD!

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Start a new chain!

You should have at least one chain and one act, before you communicate, go to the market-place or look for help. JUST START A CHAIN. An action creates a reaction, do not procrasti-nate! We have laid out all the tools to make this the easiest and most rewarding thing to do. Start a chain, and go out and do your first act

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Get your chain started! Click here to start a spark and get it growing! Pay it forward!